The below freezing temperatures could mean costly Prescott Valley water damage repair from frozen water pipes. If your water pipes have frozen, they could be cracked or broken. This means that when they thaw, they may leak or burst and cause a lot of damage to your home and property.

Prescott Valley Water Damage Repair

In Prescott Valley water damage created by burst water pipes can reach $25,000 or more depending on the location and the amount of water. Knowing how to prevent frozen pipes from causing water damage can save you money.

Water Damage Repair from Frozen Pipes

Even if your Prescott Valley water damage is covered by flood insurance, such damage may still lead to expenses that can reach into the thousands of dollars. For most home owners, the threat of bursting water pipes after a freeze is the last thing that they think about until the damage becomes apparent. In order to prevent such damage, there are steps that homeowners should be willing to take in order to prevent expensive Prescott Valley water damage repair from their homes becoming flooded.

Knowing how to prevent water pipes from freezing will save your family from of having frozen pipes, but also from the water damage repair that a broken and leaking pipe will bring. When you have flooding in Prescott or the quad cities, call Restore 24/7 right away for a FREE Prescott Valley water damage inspection and repair estimate!