Mold testing and mold remediation is extremely important when it comes to safe, clean, hygienic and disease free homes and offices. Window sills, carpets and wall ceilings in your kitchen and bathroom are highly susceptible to mold growth. Go To Services can be at your location in less than one hour. Our technicians are IICRC certified and use high tech equipment for mold remediation in Prescott.

Is Mold Remediation A Necessity?

Yes, it is. Mold can be problematic not just for the safety of your building’s construction, but for your personal health too. Here are few health problems caused by molds:

  • Severe health problems to humans and pets in a family like mild to severe allergies, intense coughing fits, bleeding of respiratory pathways and more.
  • Mold exposure can also lead to kidney damage, memory lapse, immune system failure, and even death in some extreme cases. Children and elderly people having respiratory, kidney or brain problems are more susceptible to the harmful effects of mold.
  • Mold can also damage structural support of your home and office buildings. If a mold is able to get into porous surface of wood or concrete, it is certain to destroy the whole structure.

When Do You Need Mold Testing or Mold Remediation Services?

When there is no visible mold like discoloration even if conditions are perfect and suitable to support and sustain the growth of mold. Like a wet or damp drywall, where you suffered water damage incident in the past and you notice a musty odor. In this case, there are high chances of invisible airborne mold spores being present.

When you smell musty odor in your home, and your air conditioning ducts look grimy. It is not possible to visually determine the grime to know if its dust or mould. In these cases, mold remediation or mold testing service will capture the surface sample from HVAC ducts so any type of mold growth can be ruled out easily and without any hesitation.

You need mold remediation service whenever there is water damage incident and you really want to verify that wall is dry and no mold has airborne from the wall cavities.

Three Steps to Mold Remediation

First and foremost, identify and cutoff the source of water to molds. Now, try to eradicate the mold by using an appropriate biocide. Finally, encapsulate the mold.

Maintaining proper ventilation with air filtration devices like air scrubbers halts the spreading of spores to an uninfected area. A certified mold remediation service can help you reveal the extent of mold problem at your place.

Next is cleaning and disinfecting the molds, which involve actual remediation by applying fungicide, biocide and moldicide solutions. After that, disposal of infected materials is done. In the end, an encapsulant is applied for addressing moisture and humidity concerns. Feel free to call DRYPRO for an estimate or if you have any questions about mold testing or mold remediation services in Prescott.

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